15 Tips to Protect Your Car from Summer Heat

There’s No Denying Your Vehicle Needs Special Love And Attention In The Wintertime. But Hey! Summer Is No Season To Just Relax And Take It Easy When It Comes To Keeping Your Car In The Best Shape Either!


✨  Be Sure To Dry All The Damp Areas To Prevent Fungus Growth From Ruining The Inside Of Your Car. Do The Same Before Winter Hits So That Ice Doesn’t Form In Wet Spots.

✨ To Keep It From Frying Your Fingers, Turn The Wheel 180 Degrees Before You Leave The Car.

✨ Put An Insulated Drink Sleeve Over Your Gear Lever, And You’re Good. If You Don’t Have One Of Those, You Can Just Spray It With Some Water To Cool It Down.

✨ To Solve This Stinky Air Problem, Tape A Dryer Sheet Onto The Air Conditioning Vents.

✨ Let The Engine Warm Up For About 30 Seconds Before You Take Off Even In The Summer To Give Oil Enough Time To Warm Up.

✨ If You’re Driving Slowly, It’s Better To Open The Windows Instead Of Turning On The AC. It Burns A Lot Of Gas At Low Speeds Because It Runs At Full Capacity While The Engine Is Going At Low Revs.

✨ If You Hear Air Hiss Through The Gas Cap When You Open It – Don’t Panic. It Happens For Two Reasons. First, As You’re Driving, Fuel Gets Pumped Out Of The Tank, But No Air Enters The Vacant Space. The Second Reason Is The Opposite – When Your Car Has Been Sitting For A While, Gas Vapors Accumulate Inside The Tank.

✨ Just Put A Block Of Ice On The Floorboards Under The Vent If Your AC Isn’t Blowing Out Cold Enough Air For Your Liking.

✨ Instead Of Packing A Cooler With You, Simply Use Your Glove Box! There’s A Little Lid Inside And When You Turn It Around, It Opens A Cool Air Outlet.

✨ Don’t Forget Your Mirrors Are Made Of Glass And Can Easily Break If You Get In An Accident. Play It Safe And Just Close Them Before You Take Off.

✨ The Intense Heat From The Sun Can Melt Just About Anything, The Battery Can Catch On Fire, And The Entire Car Can Go Up In Flames, So Don’t Leave Anything On The Dashboard.

✨ Never Park Your Vehicle Under Trees In Bloom. And That’s Because In The Summer, Many Of Them Produce Juice, Resin, And Sticky Fruit And Berry Grains That Can Land Directly On Your Car.

✨ Cover The Vehicle With A Few Coats Of Polish At The Beginning Of Summer To Protect It From Insects, Those Tree Juice Stains, And Asphalt Stains.

✨ Check The Overflow Reservoir Between Flushes To Make Sure There’s Enough Liquid In The Coolant. And Never Take Off The Radiator Cap While The Engine Is Still Hot!

✨ Keep An Emergency Kit Inside Your Vehicle. It Should Have Water, Some Non-Perishable Foods, A First Aid Kit, Basic Tools, Road Flares, Jumper Cables, And A Flashlight.

✨ If You’re Stuck In A Traffic Jam And It’s Getting Too Hot Inside Your Car, Use A Mini Battery-Powered Fan.

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