18 Amazing Anti-Theft Tips to Protect Your Car With 99%

Yeah, You Love Your Car And You Can’t Imagine Your Life Without It. It’s Your Baby! But What Have You Done To Protect It From All The Bad Guys Who Might Be After It? It Turns Out Even Simple Little Things, Like Stickers, Window Etching, Or Taking The Manual Out Of It Can Help!

But First Of All, Remember That In Many Cases, It’s Not The Car The Thieves Are After. It’s That Shiny New Laptop You Dropped At The Front Seat (Because You’re Only Out For A Minute, Right?). Or Maybe Your Designer Purse That Looks Like It’s Stuffed Full With Valuables. Things Like That Are Hard To Resist, And Often Lead To A Break-In.


  • Don’t Attract Thieves. 0:20
  • If You Like It Then You Should Have Put A Sticker On It. 0:48
  • Mark It. 1:08
  • Don’t Leave The Engine Running. 1:38
  • Remember There Is No Such Thing As Totally Safe. 2:04
  • Keep Those Windows Closed, Too. 2:27
  • Always Keep An “Eye” On Your Keys. 2:47
  • Park In The Right Places. 3:14
  • Watch How You Park It. 3:47
  • Be Careful With Public Parking Lots. 4:09
  • Don’t Try To Overhide Your Car. 4:40
  • Don’t Ignore Physical Extra Precautions. 5:10
  • Don’t Leave Your Vehicle Registration Inside. 5:54
  • Your Car Manual Doesn’t Belong There Either. 6:21
  • Take Extra Care If You Have An Older Car. 6:43
  • There Is No Such Thing As «Unwanted» Car. 7:08
  • Spice Up Your Life. 7:31
  • Install A Tracking System. 7:57

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  1. You Don’t Have To Put A Leopard Print On Your Vehicle, But You Can Get Its ID Number Engraved On Each Of The Windows And Light Covers.
  2. Even If You Live In A Calm Neighborhood With Respectable Adults Around, Bad Guys Can Get In There, Unless There Are Guards At The Entrance To The Block.
  3. Make It A Ritual Before Your Leave To Check If Your Windows Are Closed, Too, Not Just Doors.
  4. Don’t Leave Your Four-Wheeled Friend In A Dark Neighborhood With A Bad Reputation And No Security Cameras.
  5. When You Park Your Car, Always Use Emergency Brake And Lock The Steering Wheel.
  6. It Comes In Handy To Leave Your Vehicle As You Go Shopping, Watch A Game Of Sports Or Fly Away (With Or Without A Plane), But Public Parking Lots Are All Thieves’ Favorite.
  7. A Lot Of Insurance Companies Offer Good Deals To Car Owners That Care To Install Physical Anti-Theft Devices.
  8. Thieves Do Love Luxury Sports Cars, But They Will Often Aim For An Older Ride Just Because It’s Way Easier To Steal.
  9. Thieves Steal Cars Of Different Makes And Even Colors For Different Jobs.
  10. If Your Ride Is Particularly Desirable To Thieves And Hard To Get, They Can Start Spying On You To Figure Out The Best Time To Get It.
  11. If Your Car Isn’t Equipped With It, Get It A GPS Tracker. It Might Not Prevent The Worst From Happening, But It Will Be Super Helpful At Locating Your Ride If It Gets Stolen.

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