How To Open A Car Door From The Inside

Which Hand Do You Use To Open A Car Door From The Inside?

Always, Open The Door With Your Right Hand. This Simple Motion Causes You To Pivot Your Entire Upper Body As You Reach, First Drawing Your Line Of Sight Past By Your Rear-View Mirror, And Then Out To the Street Behind You.


What Is The Dutch Method Of Opening A Car Door?

The Dutch Reach is a practice for drivers and passengers where, rather than using your hand closest to the door to open it, you use your far hand1. This choice sets off a series of five linked actions: reach, swivel, look back, open slowly, and then exit facing traffic.

Most Importantly

Opening the door with your right hand can save a biker’s life. If you live in a city, you see people driving dangerously all the time. But even parked cars can be hazardous. This is especially true for cyclists.

What About For Passengers?

The trick is to use the hand furthest from the door to ensure an upper-body pivot. So, if you’re on the passenger’s side, use your left hand instead of your right.

It’s just that simple—and it works. The Dutch Reach is so effective that it doesn’t even have a special name in the bike-friendly Netherlands. For decades, that’s just how Dutch drivers have been taught to open a car door.

Stay Safe ❤️

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